The pleasure of a car without the fixed costs and worries

Bolides offers A-brand cars within walking distance of your neighborhood, which you can pick up at any time with your smartphone as the key.

There are no fixed costs, you only pay when you drive. Fuel, insurance and maintenance are included.

Free registration

Free subscription,
everything included.

You only have to pay when you actually drive, per hour and per kilometer. 
If you do not drive during a certain month, you do not have to pay.
Everything is included: your subscription, professional maintenance,
insurance and fuel.

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Always available in your area

The Bolides cars are situated within walking distance in your neighborhood. You can leave at any time or book in advance.

To make all of this happen, Bolides offers enough cars in every neighbourhood (in Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven).

After your drive, you can just park in front of your house, for free!



You can find Bolides within walking distance in one of the areas in your neighbourhood. After your drive you just park your car for free within the zone, with some luck even right on your doorstep!


Popular zones can have two or more cars.

“I no longer own a car. I select a Bolide nearby and I take off. I leave the worries and the costs to professionals.

– Evy

3,3 €
per hour

€ 1,1
per hour
at night (23-7u)

€ 0,33
per km (<100km)

€ 0,22
per km (>100km)

€ 3,3
start fee

Well started
with Bolides …

If you would like to use Bolides you can do so within 24 hours, provided that you go through the following steps:

  • Complete the registration form.

  • You will receive our invitation to upload your driving licence, identity card and contract.

  • Once your application has been approved, you just link it to your credit card and you are ready for take off!

Registration is free. The Bolides App can be found in Playstore and the App Store.